the basement

Pics by Marissa. We were supposed to watch some musicals at her place but we ended up doing a random photoshoot. I haven't posted for a while, sorry about that. It's been holiday so I've just been chillin' with my friends and sleeping. My sleep pattern is so fucked up, I don't wanna go back to school :(


ps wow there'e over 70 of you guys! thanks xx


there's nothing to be sure of

Pics by Selina. It was fucking cold and we were freezing (especially me I mean look at that top!!) but I'm happy that I finally got a pic of my outfit. I can't wait for the summer, then you can spend time outdoors and take pictures and wear nice clothes without freezing to death. I also like winter, but there's no snow! It's almost Christmas so I'm getting concerned! Fingers crossed...

Selina kuvas päivän asun. Ulkona oli sairaan kylmä ja oltii koko ajan sillee "noni nyt nopee!!!" varsinki mä tos topis. Ootan nii kesää ku voi vaan viettää aikaa ulkon nii kauan ku haluu ja ottaa kuvia ja pitää kivoi vaatteita (ilman et jäätyy kuoliaaks niiku mä tos asus). Toisaalt tykkään myös talvest kunhan sitä lunta nyt tulis. Ois kamalaa jos jouluna ei ois lunta! Toivotaa parasta...


badass braids

I made these braids with my little sister. I like them but they are bit unbalanced, I feel like there's more braids on the other side. Oh well, Im gonna try them again soon!

My cheeks have been so red lately. When it's cold, they're red. When it's warm, they're red. I don't know what to do!

New period starting tomorrow, that sucks. My schooldays get much longer. Just have to deal with that and not let the stress take over.